Project II Introduction

For this second project, I decided to focus on the brand Jonathan Simkhai. I worked at his show this past New York Fashion Week and absolutely fell in love with his work! My inspiration focuses on beautiful Capri and the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and fashion from the 1970s. I want to create a women’s Ready-To-Wear line that is tailored toward a classy, sophisticated, and confident woman who likes to take a relaxing vacation at places like Capri/the Amalfi Coast. Some of my inspiration photos I actually took myself when I studied abroad in Italy last Fall. I want to start working with beading, and that is an idea I think I could bring to the table at Jonathan Simkhai since it is not something that his brand focuses on, and that is the sample that I currently have of a beaded lemon (I definitely want to work on it more, it just took a lot longer than I thought it would). I still have to gather some fabric swatches so I will post those in my next blog post! As for silhouettes I want create a more casual look for Jonathan Simkhai since his designs are normally beautifully extravagant. this line will be more affordable and will go by a different name that still goes into the Jonathan Simkhai brand.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you think I am going in a good direction!

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